But… I still believe in love.


I still believe in receiving flowers
I still believe in long walks on the beach, and that warm feeling you get when he holds your hand and kisses it.
I still believe in getting lost in someone’s eyes and talking for hours.
I still believe in midnight drives and butterflies right before you kiss the one you love.
I still believe in love notes and reminding the one you love how much they mean to you.
Yes I know a heart can break.
Yes I know putting your guard down, can destroy your faith.
Yes I know you can get hurt and taking a chance can be scary too.
But I still believe in love.
I still believe in miricles.
I still believe that nothing can take what’s truly meant to be yours.
I still believe in team work and true partnership between two people.
I still believe that if you both work hard at it, there is a big chance at a forever.
I still believe in wedding rings and vowels.
I still believe the best walk you’ll ever take is walking down the aisle.
Yes I understand that nothing is promised.
Yes I understand that nothing is forever.
But I still believe in love.

Summer Love

I still think of you.
The sand between our feet, the way you held and kissed me, the way you made me feel at such a young age.
Not because I miss you, but because I wonder if I’ll ever know love as true, innocent, and pure as the one you gave me on that unforgettable summer.


It had been a couple of years since he last saw her.
He remembers being mad at her, because she broke him, she gave up on them after she had promised she never would.
Some how that smile still made him nervous.
It had been a couple of years since she last saw him.
She remembers he was angry, how could he say such mean things to someone he claimed to love so much?
She knows she was wrong, she freaked out and gave up, but she couldn’t take it back because he was moved on.
Yet he looked so beautiful, and she knew she’d always miss him.

Years later there they were…

It was like the world stopped in it’s tracks and no one else existed…
There he was and there she was only the window of the car, a grudge he still held, the pain that still stung in her heart and the street in between them.

But some how it was a beautiful encounter, because it showed in their faces, their eyes, and both of their expressions that after all these years something was still felt.