…and it’s just not fair.

I still miss you, and it’s not fair.
I have men asking me out, blowing up my phone, dms, even trying to make me fall…
yet your face always comes to mind.
I’ve loved people more then I’ve even liked you, yet I don’t miss them.
Before you, I had lost hope.
I had shut down.
I was in the dark.
You had turned on the light for me.
You made me feel like I was hole again.
With you…
I felt alive.
I felt free.
I felt worthy.
I felt comfortable to be me.
I felt like you understood me.
I still miss you, and it’s just not fair.

Summer Love

I still think of you.
The sand between our feet, the way you held and kissed me, the way you made me feel at such a young age.
Not because I miss you, but because I wonder if I’ll ever know love as true, innocent, and pure as the one you gave me on that unforgettable summer.