Soul group

Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s clear that the two of you, on some level belong together. You belong to each other, and you were meant to cross paths. As lovers, or as friends, or as something entirely different. Whatever it is, there is a purpose for the two of you meeting. You just work together, you understand one another, or there is a flow of chemistry that draws you in that links you to each other. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they just have a way of making you feel alive. You don’t know their purpose yet, it can be good or bad… 

and that’s what makes it scary. 

But you just can’t stay away. 

You fall in love with them, they become someone meaningful and special to you, and through them you learn. 

These people are apart of your soul group. They are put in your life to have an impact in it, sometimes it’s bad and sometimes it’s good. They are put in your life to benefit you in some way, or to imprint something meaningful in your life that changes you for the better and helps you grow. 

Everyone of these individuals have an impact in your life, because they have a natural connection to your soul. 

I don’t know if I’d call this coincidence, fate, or sheer blind luck, but I sure do know it means something. 

They mean something. Appreciate the moments with these people, take chances, cherish the memories and obstacles, take it all in and learn from it. 


Everything stops when I’m with him.

We can be surrounded by a crowed, standing in the middle of all the commotion.
The ladies can have their eyes on him, the men may have their eyes on me…

yet, we can’t take our eyes off each other.

Our eyes connect, and our souls recognize each other.

Everything stops when we are together, because together is what feels right.


Can Guys and Girls be Best Friends?


Now I don’t fully agree that “Guys and Girls cant Be Bestfriends”
But I do believe that if this is your situation you first must know “HOW” to be a Best Friend to someone of the opposite sex…
Now it doesn’t have to do with jealousy or insecurity and people who disagree with this theory will like to say it does…
But you see the thing is that I just believe in a level of respect when it comes to being in a committed relationship no matter the situation….
Somethings you dont allow, you dont do, some lines you dont cross and some shit just doesn’t slide…

Let me set the scene…
It’s Friday afternoon my boyfriend is working so I am free for the evening. I give my bestfriend a call and we head out for some shopping at the mall. I’m looking into buying a new dress so I need help deciding which one looks good. I cant seem to zip up one of my dresses so I call my bestfriend into my fitting room to help me zip it up. My bestfriend zips up my dress getting a full preview of my lace rather sexy underwear and my bare back. We then share some ice cream and head back to my place for dinner, wine and a late night talk.

Now the scenario above is probably typical for two girls, I mean where else did the “sleep over” idea come from?
However imagine if my bestfriend was a guy? A heterosexual guy. Doesn’t seem quite so normal now does it?

I mean if I was single then we’d just look like a couple but again it says Im in a relationship so wouldnt I be crossing some boundaries?
I mean what if one of my boyfriend’s friends is at the mall and sees us sharing that ice cream?
or even worse…
My boyfriends sister and mom are also shopping and see another guy zipping up my dress?
How would that make me look? How would that make my bestfriend look? How can this jeopardize my relationship? Or my friendship?
And this is where my question comes in, Can guys and girls be best friends? If so how?

Well you see I have plenty of guy friends one in particular is like my best friend. And many of my guy friends have girlfriends, this including my bestfriend Andrew.
So what does my friendship consist of and what do I do to not cross the line of respect to him and our relationships?

First of we have met the others partners, we text once in a while saying hello and seeing how the other is doing…
and no this dosnt mean “Hey Sexy I miss you bestfriend, How have you been?”
If we hang out we will grab a bite or coffee and just catch up, we dont go on date nights or text late telling each other how much fun we had getting drunk together…
And if we ever have or would go bar hoping or clubbing we would make it a group thing and tell the other to invite the girlfriend/boyfriend.
I never text him saying “I wish you were here”, “I miss you, come feed me and you can rub my belly.”

We not only value and respect our friendship and each other but we also value and respect our significant others.

All Im stating is that unless your inlove with your bestfriend or want your friendship to end in total awkwardness….
There is just some lines you don’t cross, you should know your boundaries and level of respect.
Be the bestfriend their boyfriend/girlfriend loves not the one she/he sees as a chump.
And if your the bestfriend in the relationship and find yourself wanting to spend more time with your bestfriend then your singnificant other then maybe you need to check your feelings ASAP.

Because in my opinion, no good can come from having a very close bestfriend of the opposite sex with no boundaries.  It can lead to jealousy, awkwardness, heart aches, or even infidelity.
And if your reading this saying “This is not true, it is totally different with my best friend and I”
and you guys have no boundaries then chances are their significant other already doesn’t like you…
and I suggest you get it together, or start thinking long and hard on why you are bestfriends because it could be that one of you or both of you are kidding yourselves.