The one that got away…

Never commit to someone if you’re truly not ready due to self development.
However, don’t fear commitment because your afraid you might not be ready to settle down with one person.
In other words, let them go if you’re okay with the fact that you might not get them back.
You see, the universe doesn’t bring you the right person when YOU are ready, because no one is EVER ready for change.
The universe brings them when the time seems right.
If you let them go knowing they are what you will want “someday,” someday might come and as you’re ready for them they may be in the arms of the one that realized their worth and was willing to take that chance with them.



She made a promise

She made a promise to herself, not because she wanted to shut and lock all the doors to love.

She made this promise because the pain from the games were still too raw.

She knew her worth, exactly what she wanted, and what she very well deserved.

So she laid her offer on the table and walked out that door with all the hurt.

As she shut the door, she felt the fear drifting and a proud feeling in her chest.

She knew that if she kept her promise, it would all be worth it in the end, for the one who got to taste her body again would be the one to never hurt her or let it end.