Breakfast in Bed


Breakfast in bed is as great as it gets, with a simple rose and your hands on my breast.
I love when you wake me up with a deep passionate kiss, showing me you’re  hungry for me as if I am the nutrients your body needs.
You make me gasp as we toss and turn, remind me I’m your’s and that only you can do what you do.
Your fingers dip below my waist,
traveling at a sensuous pace.
The lower you go, my anticipation builds.
My heart beats faster, waking me up as I’m bracing for the thrill.
Your touch has me moaning, begging for more.
Your hot passionate kisses; I simply adore.
You bring me to the peek, as I climax;
rising back up as you snuggle into my belly, looking into my eyes saying, “Good Morning Baby!”
I never get enough of this delight.


I want you to feel at home


I want you to feel at home.
I want the next time you wake up next to me, to know that by my side is where you want to be.
I want you to make yourself at home; in my soul, my heart, and in between my thighs.
So go ahead and take off your shoes, leave them at the door. Un pack your bags, you won’t need your luggage anymore.
Lock the door and throw away the key, open up yourself and stay with me.
Let me love you, and take care of you like you very well deserve.
I want to take away your fears and erase your past.
Show you how much better, your future looks if you take my hand.
All I want is for you to feel at home.