Spread positivity


You are not on this earth to understand why everything happens, or to figure out if what you believe in is real. The more you stress it, the less you’ll know. The more you worry the less happiness you allow in, and the more you expect the more disappointment you’ll find.
You are here to live and be happy with the now, to love unconditionally, to make a difference and spread positivity, and to accept that nothing lasts forever.
If you let life take its course and focus on being happy, everything else will work it’s self out.




Every year is a milestone, around this time last year I was so unhappy with my life and my self.
I couldn’t understand why life took the turns it did, and why I no longer had my best friend by my side. I believed in people who didn’t believe in me, and I got comfortable with discomfort. I lost myself on my road to happiness, and followed the path of destroying myself, for the chance of pleasing others.
I’ve always been a “planner,” almost never missing a deadline of what I set myself out to do. Therefor disappointment is something I don’t take very lightly and when things don’t work out my way, I always end up very mad at myself.

However, every year is a milestone…
and this year has taught me so, so much, I am forever grateful.
Thanks to the past, I am off my fairytale horse and I’ve never felt more satasfied, alive, and happy🌻