Don’t be eye candy, be soul food.


Don’t be eye candy, be soul food.
Make him fall for what you represent.
Give him “brain” before the intercourse, feed him your knowledge and inner being.
Be a work of art that must be appreciated, and set your value high and not too easy to seize.
When you undress from your clothes and bear your naked body for him to see, what a special treat that will be, but let it be dessert not an appetizer cuisine.
Make him suddenly register he’s been starving, and watch him as he wants to gorge in your physique.
Let your body be the treat, after you have showed him what you portray and he has become a glutton to your intellect.
Don’t be eye candy, be soul food.

Repeat after me:


Sometimes in today’s society women can have a really hard time fitting in. We get shit everywhere we go; at school, work, from men, our partners, our friend’s and even OUR SELVES.

So today I honor all the feminist women out there with a voice and self respect that value themselves and represent themselves as classy ladies.
Keep doing what you’re doing, you have no idea how many women struggle with this confidence and are inspired by YOU.

For the women struggling this confidence this one is for you…

Repeat after me:
“I am beautiful and I am worthy.
I don’t need anyone to say it to believe it and I won’t let the negativity of other’s defeat me. I don’t need to degrade myself to fit in because I am valuable just how I am and no one or anything can change my confidence. I am perfect just the way I am because I am a woman.”


Fight for you. Respect you. Inspire you. Encourage you. Need you. Deserve you. Stand by you.

This one is for all my true friends. I appreciate you all very much and I thank you for sticking by my side and for being understanding of all my hard times. You have all watched me hit rock bottom and instead of leaving me alone you guys decided to lay there with me until I was ready to get up.
I love you all.

This one is for the parents of the world and today’s society…

I seriously can say I LOVE LOVE LOVE school this semester, it’s alot of work and all but I really enjoy the classes I have selected to attend. One of my classes has made my feminine side get stronger and has encourage me to continue to follow my dreams with my same goals to make a difference in this world.
These past couple of day’s we been learning about love and abuse. Not just from relationships but abuse from people, normal human beings that mistreat one another in our society. Human beings who teach their children to be homosexual haters, who teach them about sexisum, envy, and verbal and physical brutality.
I believe that some of this isn’t even done intentionally it’s just that some people don’t realize how important it is to change your bad habits and try to be the best role model you can be once you have brought a child into this world.


This one is for the parents of this world…
Please be good to your children, weather you did it the right way and got your life together before them or even if they were unplanned and you need to get it together with them here by your side. Remember that they are the future that could only get better then the times you have lived in, IF you role model for them appropriately. Teach them to love, to respect EVERYONE, and to judge no one, for they are no one to judge or hate others for who they are, who they like or the color of their skin. You want to always rememeber that once you have had children you need to be the very best person you can be, because once they are old enough they have a chance of mirroring you and following your every move. If you dissapoint them they have a high chance of becoming dissapointments.

This one is for the parents of today’s society…
Because the problem isn’t single mothers or young parents it’s the fact that children, not mentally fully developed adults are having children of their own.
The problem is mom’s twerking on line for attention to make some kind of point not seeing that all they are doing is announcing to the world that they have no self respect, showing their children that self respect is not important.
The problem is the parents smoking weed, doing drugs and publisizing it for the world to see on the web. You like your kush? Thats fine I’m pretty sure that 60 percent of California’s community that smoke weed are not all stupid rebellious teens. However why does the whole world have to know? Is it because you think you look cute smoking into the camara? What happens when your child is old enough to know what you are doing in that picture and when he/she tries to do it says “Mommy/Daddy I just wanted to be just like you?”
The problem is not the media, the society, or the life we have lived the problem is that these parents are not allowing themselves to be mentally developed to see the importance and responsibility that comes with having a child because they too are acting like children themselves.
So your young and have a child already, so what??? No one is asking you to hide from the world now and not have a drink once in a while or smoke a blunt or shake your tail feather to the beat of a song but don’t use your youth as an excuse on why your priorities are all mixed up.
The problem is that you NEED to grow up and be responsible for the love you have grown for that child, make them proud because if you don’t do it then who will?
You brought them to this world, therefor their future is partly your responsibility. Think about it? How will you like to see them years from now?
Even a better question…How will you like them to see you?
Everytime you do something ask yourself, would I be okay with MY child doing this? And if your answer is ever “No” then maybe it’s time to start making better choices.

Concerned for the future,


Sometimes in this hard life all you have is YOU and YOURSELF.
In a moment when people are in your presence and life feels to good as you feel loved and appreciated it seems like nothing could ever take that away from you.
Unfortunately nothing is forever in this life, we are all just passing through.

Remember to always love yourself no matter what you’re going through! Never let life happen with out showing yourself respect, love and appreciation.
Also rememeber that any given time those who say would never leave will change there mind from one day to another. They will decide to leave you for doing one little thing not appreciating all that you put up with on your end. Unfortunately they are willing to never look back after you tried so hard to always give it a chance and hang on tight.
Friends are best friends one day and enemies another. People claim they care but they could careless. In a moment of tragic people always promise you everything then become invisible and can’t be found.
Those you thought you’d have forever, are now just a memory. And you will never be able to embrace them again.
People die and people are born; everything and anything can change in a heart beat.

Love yourself;

Can Guys and Girls be Best Friends?


Now I don’t fully agree that “Guys and Girls cant Be Bestfriends”
But I do believe that if this is your situation you first must know “HOW” to be a Best Friend to someone of the opposite sex…
Now it doesn’t have to do with jealousy or insecurity and people who disagree with this theory will like to say it does…
But you see the thing is that I just believe in a level of respect when it comes to being in a committed relationship no matter the situation….
Somethings you dont allow, you dont do, some lines you dont cross and some shit just doesn’t slide…

Let me set the scene…
It’s Friday afternoon my boyfriend is working so I am free for the evening. I give my bestfriend a call and we head out for some shopping at the mall. I’m looking into buying a new dress so I need help deciding which one looks good. I cant seem to zip up one of my dresses so I call my bestfriend into my fitting room to help me zip it up. My bestfriend zips up my dress getting a full preview of my lace rather sexy underwear and my bare back. We then share some ice cream and head back to my place for dinner, wine and a late night talk.

Now the scenario above is probably typical for two girls, I mean where else did the “sleep over” idea come from?
However imagine if my bestfriend was a guy? A heterosexual guy. Doesn’t seem quite so normal now does it?

I mean if I was single then we’d just look like a couple but again it says Im in a relationship so wouldnt I be crossing some boundaries?
I mean what if one of my boyfriend’s friends is at the mall and sees us sharing that ice cream?
or even worse…
My boyfriends sister and mom are also shopping and see another guy zipping up my dress?
How would that make me look? How would that make my bestfriend look? How can this jeopardize my relationship? Or my friendship?
And this is where my question comes in, Can guys and girls be best friends? If so how?

Well you see I have plenty of guy friends one in particular is like my best friend. And many of my guy friends have girlfriends, this including my bestfriend Andrew.
So what does my friendship consist of and what do I do to not cross the line of respect to him and our relationships?

First of we have met the others partners, we text once in a while saying hello and seeing how the other is doing…
and no this dosnt mean “Hey Sexy I miss you bestfriend, How have you been?”
If we hang out we will grab a bite or coffee and just catch up, we dont go on date nights or text late telling each other how much fun we had getting drunk together…
And if we ever have or would go bar hoping or clubbing we would make it a group thing and tell the other to invite the girlfriend/boyfriend.
I never text him saying “I wish you were here”, “I miss you, come feed me and you can rub my belly.”

We not only value and respect our friendship and each other but we also value and respect our significant others.

All Im stating is that unless your inlove with your bestfriend or want your friendship to end in total awkwardness….
There is just some lines you don’t cross, you should know your boundaries and level of respect.
Be the bestfriend their boyfriend/girlfriend loves not the one she/he sees as a chump.
And if your the bestfriend in the relationship and find yourself wanting to spend more time with your bestfriend then your singnificant other then maybe you need to check your feelings ASAP.

Because in my opinion, no good can come from having a very close bestfriend of the opposite sex with no boundaries.  It can lead to jealousy, awkwardness, heart aches, or even infidelity.
And if your reading this saying “This is not true, it is totally different with my best friend and I”
and you guys have no boundaries then chances are their significant other already doesn’t like you…
and I suggest you get it together, or start thinking long and hard on why you are bestfriends because it could be that one of you or both of you are kidding yourselves.