Yo soy la lumbre que alumbra el camino,

Yo camino los pasos de los que vinieron antes de mí.

Yo cuento sus historias, sus de deseos, y mantengo sus sueños vivos.

Yo represento el sufrimiento, y el dolor.

Estoy hecha de la misma sangre que coreo en sus venas.

La lucha no solo es mía,

Es de mis antepasados.

De mis abuelos.

De mis padres.

Y para aquellos que vendrán después de mí.


I am the flame that illuminates the pathway.

I walk in the footsteps of those that came before me.

I tell their old stories, their desires, and maintain their dreams alive.

I represent the sacrifice, and the pain.

I’m made of the same blood that ran through their veins.

This fight isn’t only my fight.

It’s of my ancestors.

It’s of my grandparents.

It’s of my parents.

… and for those that’ll come after me.



Stand by your people…


Stand by your people and we will succeed.
Know that all of our hearts move to the same beat.
Stop with the names, the descriptions, and the identity tags.
Know that we all are made of the same atoms and body fats.
Stand by your people and we will succeed.
Don’t let those in power take over and defeat our communities.
Don’t let them divide us and make us fight, as they watch in laughter and enjoy the motion picture they’ve created with us.
Stand by your people and we will succeed.
Remember we all come from the same theory of our origins, one’s we can not escape no matter how hard we try to deny.
We are all made of the same formulas and no matter our skin color, sex, or ethnicity we are one.
Stand by your people and we will succeed.
Because we are all woman, men, daughters, sons, fathers, mothers and beautiful souls of the human race.
People who can unite and shatter their greed, as we destroy the xenophobia and racism we continue to practice in today’s society.
Stand by your people and we will succeed.
For we should all be reminded that we are all African, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caucasian and deserve the same rights.
Stand by your people and realize that catagorizing each other is the only obsticle stopping us from success and defeat.

In honor of Black History Month and in Celebration of all the beautiful people of our society,

Love and relationships are like a race…

Love and relationships are like a race. We train so hard, sometimes we fall, we give it our all, and we build them up to where we want them to be. After all the hard work some of us win the golden metal and the hard work pays off, and sometimes someone else gets the metal and your hard work becomes someone else’s victory. Sometimes that’s what makes us build that grudge because it’s a bit unfair that someone else gets the metal, but we shouldn’t allow it to make us bitter.
Because no matter what happened we learned and therefore we also win and even though it seems like it, our hard work wasn’t unnoticed and someday our metal will be even better then any of the metals we didn’t get.”