Are you an over thinker?

Are you an over thinker?
Do you wonder; “What’s next?”
Do you find your mind taking control of it’s self making you feel like maybe you’re nuts?”
About 91% percent of you guys said yes to these questions.
So what should that tell you?
Well, you are not the only one who over thinks.
As a matter of fact, according to studies…
Men over think more than women, at the fact that us women express more and keep less of it bottled up inside.
And 91% of people over think and question everything in their lives.
So how do you stop this?
You can’t, it’s bound to happen.
Specially when you have goals, there is something you desire, or something is bothering you.
There is only one thing you CAN do…
Don’t let it take over you.
Learn to be a witness, in your own life. Once you’ve accomplish this, it is very beautiful to think.
Enjoy your own thoughts, after all some of them may be cool ideas on how to better your life.
When they seem a little crazy, or you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something…
Just listen, take it in, and make a note of it; but do not let them over shadow reality and/or your happiness.
Appreciate and admire your mind…
It’s just like going to a theater and watching a movie where we just witness the picture on the screen.
In the same way, just witness your thoughts.
The mind is something which is not understood by science even today.
It’s so complicated and so tremendously powerful at the same time with so much potential in it.
So stop trying to understand it, you WILL drive yourself crazy.
Just watch it, just watch the happening, do not judge, and do not see it like an enemy.
Just watch and allow it to complement your life for the better.
In the end always follow your heart and make decisions based on what you know you deserve and what’s going to make you happy.