I could sleep with you, I could.

I could sleep with you, I could.

I could kiss you, and get a taste of your delicious tongue as it unravels in my mouth and plays along with mine.

I could tear your shirt off of your body with out anticipation where beneath just lays another human body.

I could rip off your pants with the guts the alcohol has helped me build and pleasure you like you’ve never been pleasured before.

I could sleep with you, I could.

I could have your head wrapped around my legs and have you pleasure me,  and if you’re any good allowing you to see my body lose it’s self with your touch.

I could let you inside of me, as our naked bodies move to different beats until we climax.

I could sleep with you, I could.

But, I’m not looking for someone to just sleep with.

I want someone worth knowing, someone I could lay it all on the line for and take a chance with.

I could sleep with you, I could.

But, then again…

I could sleep with anyone.



Your job hasn’t started yet…


Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you.

I can’t help and fall into a smile, as I think of how nice it would be to wake up tomorrow next to you.
I’d get to feel your skin oh so closely next to mine, and it would be so wonderful to wake up to those beautiful eyes.
I’d wake you up with kisses, with the desire to please you before you have to start your day.
With the sunrising outside our window I’d tell you “let me do the work, your job hasn’t started yet.”
You’d respond to me with pleasure and sounds of excitement in your throat, exploding through your erection, only concluding you to think about your morning for the rest of the day at work.