Hello everyone!

So I made my blog so that I could express my thoughts, however my bio also encourages any comments, concerns and questions from the public and tonight I am very happy because I finally received my first email/question!!! smile.

She says:


Let me start off by saying that your blog is pretty interesting, I like your posts because you can tell you just write. You don’t try to word them “just right” what you write is truly just you, almost feels like I am having a conversation with you when I read them. I can also relate to them, they remind me of my life which is why I am writing to you to share with you my situation and see what you have to say about it? First off, Hi my name is April! I am a freshman in college and I grew up in a small town where I had a small group of friends and we were all very very very close! Unfortunately we all ended up in different schools and things are just not the same like when we were in high school. I know it has only been one semester but I feel as if I am loosing my friends, I try so hard to call and email and hang out when I can and they are just not putting in the same effort I am! They also have new friends now, I feel as if I am being replaced what should I do?

Hope you you can reply to this in a blog post, cannot wait to read,


Hi April!

I’d like to thank you for the wonderful comment about my blog, I am glad to know someone is actually reading and well to reply to it I do JUST WRITE! Ha Ha I am actually a horrible speller and I can never seem to word things right but I sure can ramble on and on and on! smile.

Well here it goes this post is for you…


“The past is called the past for a reason”

I’d like to start of by saying that no one should ever give up on anything or anyone in their lives if they feel its/they are worth fighting for, you would rather be saying “I gave it my all and it just didn’t turn out like I expected” than to be saying “I got scared and gave up and now I’m living with the regret”

So my first advise to April is to not give up on your friends tell them exactly how you feel about the situation and how things have turned out and let them know that you do not want to loose their friendship! Always remember communication is key no matter the type of relationship.

Now to better answer your question I’m going to relate to your situation…

I personally have always been a person of different emotions specially when it came to relationships with others.
I am the kind of person that if hurt or rejected I tend to run and let go of the situation instead of facing it and well If I were in your shoes like I have been before Id just feel neglected and run off loosing friendships and the bonds with people who I care about so much.

I think what makes me this way is because I tend to give my all into anything from day one and always build the perfect relationship with others even in just regular friendships. So when I get hurt and I feel betrayed or I begin to feel neglected than I tend to just shut down and I’m no longer who I use to be.

Like April I have had some very close friends some who I stopped talking to because they hurt me and others who I fell apart with, with out understanding why?

and the truth some I missed a lot! Those are the ones who I still tried to connect with. Over the years I tried so hard to communicate with them and hold on to the relationships to try and interact and keep things the same.

However with time I have accepted that “The past is called the past for a reason”. I have accepted that people grown and change and everyone moves on, and I have realized that that’s not such a bad thing. I have also accepted that I myself need to live in the present and look forward to the future. I mean why am I going to dwell on situations and moments I cannot change? There is no reason why I should be trying to re live moments in my life I have already experienced, go places where I have already been and not allowing my self to discover the wonderful new things that await for me.

So with this I leave you April and all other readers…

If there is someone in your life who you are reaching out to, weather it is a group of friends or anyone else and they just aren’t appreciating the attention you are giving them, do not be afraid to continue on with your life specially if you are in a new place like college. You can still discover what life has to offer and hold on to the memories and good times you shared with those people and if they truly care about you they will reach out eventually and make some effort of their own to be apart of your wonderful new life.

April! Don’t sweat it, allow yourself to make new friends of your own and if your friends truly appreciate the bond you guys have build through out the years they will eventually make some effort of their own. However do not forget to talk to them and tell them how you feel as a way of saying you at least “let them know”.

Thank you so much for reading,