1963 was the year.

The year that a man with a strong desire for change gave a speech that was driven from the injustice he saw around him.

I been thinking about this speech all day today, I watched it on video after a professor shared with the class last week that this is what he did every MLK day.

I studied his words, his face, that tired look upon him screaming through his words… “this has to stop.” Reminded me of how many of us must be feeling now in days with the unintelligent, bigot we have as president.

In your honor Mr. King Jr., I also have a dream. Only this time… it’s 2018… and it’s kind of embarrassing that some people still don’t get the importance of your message. It’s a shame that they don’t get how inhuman their racism and prejudice acts are.

But, I like you have faith and hope. Faith that the good will over power the evil someday, and that soon we will see better days; days filled with unity and equality for all.✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🇺🇸

Todo lo que haces en tu vida le afecta a alguien y eso dependiendo de tus acciones. Inspiraras a algunos, decepcionarás a otros, y hasta le cambiarás la vida a muchos. La idea es vivir felizmente, de una manera cambiar el mundo, y dejar algo atrás en cual serás recordado/a. 
A veces el miedo de no saber cómo afectarás a otros, ó qué dirán de ti, te detiene.

Pero recuerda, la gente siempre tendrá algo que decir… 

si te tienen envidia, si tu existir les molesta, ó les afecta de alguna manera. Tal vez es porque algo estás haciendo ó algo hiciste correcto en tu existencia.