You must live in the moment, in order to understand your destination.

Personal note:
Sometimes we forget that tomorrow isn’t promised.
We are so desperate to know…
“What next?”
From our love lives, people affairs, careers, living situations etc.
We are always planning ahead, and even thought planning is good to an extend.
We must not allow it to cloud the fact that this very moment, the “right now” might be all we have.

Woman Crush Wednesday


“Don’t build a wall around your own suffering or it may devour you from the inside.” – Frida Kahlo🌹

One of my favorite quotes by such an enchanting, smart, and unique woman.
She not only understood the power of love, but most importantly understood the power of S E L F 💕 L O V E.
She understood that one must find peace and hope within ourselves in order to be happy.
We can’t let the betrayals of others destroy our self being and believes.
We must fight off the poison others try to venom our lives with.
We MUST always stay true to ourselves…
After all, remember we are stuck with ourselves until the day we no longer breathe.
Love the’ as much as you have loved or will love another.


Blaming those around you for your unhappiness.
Stop assuming that people don’t care because they are not mouth feeding you, or picking up your slack.
Stop blaming “life” for your negativity.
If you are not happy with what you have now, you won’t be happier with everything you believe you need.
Happiness and positivity comes from within, only then will you be able to take on life and what is thrown your way.