This time next year.


“God is within her, she will not f a l l.”


Last night I had a selfie session.
As I thought about how screwed up my life was this time last year…
I smiled, because I am so proud of myself and how much I have over came as a person.
How much I have grown, and how positive I kept my mind and spirit.
Then I thought about how much I still need to over come…
Something in my gut just tells me that all the worries I hold in my heart now, won’t be anything by this time next year.
Stay positive people!


If you were to ask me…

If you were to ask me,
“What do you want? What is one thing you miss?”
I’d say to you…
I just want to lay with you.
I want to be in between your legs with my head on your chest.
We can talk, read, listen to music or watch television, but I just want to lay with you skin on skin.
I want to feel the soft touch of your hands on my back as you caress my body and I listen to your heart beat.
I want to feel that sensation of our legs wrapped together as our feet meet at the end of the bed.
I just want to lay with you, naked and wrapped up in your arms.
I just want to lay with you, laying with you is all I need.