Yet, another question…

“How do you still believe in love?”

I still believe in love because its one of the best things we can feel on this earth. I’ve known what it’s like to value someone else’s happiness above my own and its amazing.
I’ve known how it is to feel unstoppable when you hold someone’s hand and I want to feel that again.
I like to be fascinated by every single thing about somebody else and never get bored, even if it would be boring to everyone else.
I like the feeling of love that makes you feel real.
I like that someone can tear down my walls and see me for me.
I don’t mind if it’s not perfect, I’m willing to fight to make it better.
I still believe in love because I absolutely love the challenge.
It’s an addicting high that I’m willing to feel again and again till it becomes permanent.





Love can make you feel hopeless.
It’s hard to be friendly with someone seeing too many people.
It’s hard to believe everything is going to be alright, when your fear to trust others only seems to be making things harder.
It’s hard to trust others, when those you trust keep taking you for granted.
This shit gets easier when you find people that share your same dreams.
Unfortunetly today’s society makes it hard to detect who these people are.
Everyone’s got some kind of mask to protect themselves.
So you take chances, and even when it seems good it could be bad, and when it seems bad it can get good, you just never know.
But is it worth the risk?
Make someone your all and they don’t like it, they take it for granted and destroy it.
People don’t want someone who wants them, we always want someone we can’t have easily.
Don’t make them your priority and you might be saving yourself from getting hurt but you can also be losing them and later regretting it.
Only a little after they walk away you end up realizing you lost one of the best things you could have had in this life.
So how do you follow your heart but also pay attention to what you want?
Maybe you just want to have fun and do your own thing, but what if from all the fun you end up losing?
What if you do want love, but you just don’t want to yet?
Will you be able to get it again if you take care of your needs first? Can you come back?
Some people meet again, but some just live on missing the one that got away.
So how do you decide?
What if you’re the one falling?
Do you wait? What is too long?
And where is the insurance that it will be worth it?
Than there is rules you have to follow, because to everyone around you it’s about how your looking, and stupid is the last thing you want to be known for.
The whole thing just begins to make you feel hopeless at times, it’s mental succide, and taking chances can get scary.
At times you want to feel hopeless, because being hopeless means you don’t care, and that in itself makes you feel protected.
When you have felt pain so constant, being hopeless just seems more comforting.
Even if that’s not what your heart truly desires.