“A man is not defined by his education, his job/ how much money he makes, or his machismo. A true man is defined by his habits, actions, and communication in moments of weakness and vulnerability.” -Kbeautifulmind

“A woman is not defined by her education, job/ how much money she makes, or her pride. A true woman is defined by her habits, actions, and communication in moments of weakness and vulnerability.” 



Application for my final lover

I love myself a handsome, clean cut man with a heart warming smile… (smiles are my weakness)

But that doesn’t mean much anymore…
It’s about being a spiritually and emotionally healthy person.

I don’t want a super model, or a dude who has over 100 followers.
I don’t care if you won the lotto, drive a Mercedes-Benz, or can buy me anything I desire.
Looks and money don’t matter.
Appearance is nice, but the real question is; Are you humorous?
How’s your confidence? Your mental health? Have you let the past rest yet? How’s your conversation? How open are you to learning new things?
What about trying new things?
Are you loving? Do you think honesty is one of the most important ingredient for a relationship?
Do you know how to play/work in a team?
Are you forgiving or do you hold grudges? Will you swallow your pride and apologize when you’re wrong?
How important is family to you? Do you believe unity is important in a family?
Will you be nurturing and loving to your children? And if you’re not affectionate, will you at least accept affection?
How important are promises to you? Do you easily break them?
Do you believe in marriage? And if so do you believe in divorce? Do you believe in “until death do us part” or will you give up when it gets hard?
Basically what I’m asking is…
When our marriage dies (because it will a couple of times) will you be willing to work with me to bring it back?
How well do you deal with stress? Do you run for the hills or stick it through till it’s resolved?
Do hard times break you or do they motivate you?

Last but not least are you emotionally and spiritually healthy?
Do you believe in yourself, do you love yourself?

I’ll be first to say I love myself a clean cut handsome man with a heart warming smile but if you’re not a healthy human being please discard this application.

Thank you,

I won’t…

I won’t beg someone to love me.

If it’s one thing I have always known, there is no use in hopeless pleas.

Not everyone you fall in love with will be yours to keep.

You see the thing about love is that it’s not technically reciprocal, because falling in love is actually a one way street.

You fall in love because YOU love how that person is, yet they might not find you as intriguing as you found them to be.

There is no need in asking someone to stay, for if they saw your worth and value they would never try and walk away.

I want to be loved unconditionally by someone who likes me for me, I do not wish to fight so hard just to make them see me for me.

I do not have time to prove to someone I am what they need, for only they know what it is they want and require, plus you can’t just magically light the fire…

The fire will come from within, it will always be lit; even if it doesn’t last it is something that can’t just go out in minutes.

Therefor I won’t beg for someone to love me, there is no use in hopeless pleas.

For love isn’t something you can just give, it’s something that is felt and builds up with time, something that you feel when you give someone a chance to see them for what they can be.