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Cleaning up

I was cleaning up my phone yesterday…

I am running out of memory and I needed to clean out my back up files…

I came across our pictures.

All the good times, the laughs, the talks…

right there in one file.

I wasn’t sure of what to do next, I wanted to delete them but, then I didn’t.

I smiled when I saw them but, then I frowned.

I can’t seem to understand what happened?

I was so sure of our bond, and your purpose in my life.

I thought we’d be at least friends, always.

I was cleaning up my phone yesterday…

I came across our pictures, realizing they are now just memories…

only to find myself missing you again.


The date of the fourth

I saved the date.
You said good bye, the night cold as ice, as I stood in the rain, with that sharp pain in my heart.
I could not understand, what had I done wrong, all the pain you had already caused, but I brushed it right off.
So why was it me?
The one paying for this, watching you go, I couldn’t breathe.
I couldn’t understand.
No, I just couldn’t see pass you leaving.
But I saved the date.
And it’s crazy how wonderful time can be.
I’m better than I should be,
I’m better than you left me, when you gave me that call.
I’m stronger than that girl, the one you pushed around, as you played games with her heart.
I’m better than I should be,
I’m better than you left me, you see baby…
I don’t think you’d even know me anymore.
I’m confident and satisfied, my heart has healed from the wounds of your departure.
Because I’m better than I should be,
I’m better than you left me, now that I realized you did me a favor.
Now I love deeper,
Laugh so much louder,
Feel so much happier because I saved the date of the fourth.


She believed in his ugly

“Why did you stay?”

I don’t know why I stayed? I don’t know if it’s because I wanted to fix him, I tend to always want to help or fix people.
I knew I loved him at one point, so love could have been apart of it.
or maybe I actually believed in him…
I think that could have been it, I believed he was better then what he represented himself to be.
I believed in his ugly, and was willing to let it get ugly to make him beautiful.



I always thought that we would be together.
Since the day I first met you, that smile scarred my soul and I just couldn’t forget you.
I could have sworn that we would be together, when we reunited I believed that we would last forever.
Look at us now just two lovers from the past, walking past each other, just two strangers who couldn’t last.
It just seems so sad when you think back, but sadly there is no coming back from the pain that has been caused.
Maybe the timing wasn’t right again, or maybe you weren’t ready to move on, maybe the timing was right but you weren’t ready to be drawn.
Drawn into commitment, since you couldn’t stop telling all those lies only causing us to continue to fight.
Maybe it was me, maybe I wasn’t as good as I could be,
or maybe I just tried too hard, and took my effort into extremes.
I guess we will never know because there ain’t no way I’m looking back, It just seems so sad when I think about the things you use to say, all the promises you made.
I always thought that we would be together, when we reunited I believed that we would last forever.