I like to think self love is like nutrients to your soul.

Because with out it, I always felt empty and longing for “something;

Only to find that this something was within me.


True capacity of living

When you have come to realize that your happiness is internal, you have reached the true capacity of living.

You have found that that the external forces of this world are irrelevant, and completely out of your control.

You have found that they do not bring or create your internal happiness.

You have found that only you can decide what you make of this life, and how far you are willing to go to succeed and accomplish all of your dreams.

You have found that you are enough and do not acquire anything to feel complete.

When you have come to realize that your happiness is internal, you have come to realize that you are free from expectations or desires to be able to live.

When you come to realize that your happiness is internal, you have reached the true capacity of living…

and you are now complete.



Everyday is a start…

Life is pretty hard to deal with sometimes.
No matter our age, gender, or class we all have our own personal struggles that affect us in a certain way.
Some of our struggles might seem ridiculous to others, but to us they can affect us so much that it makes it hard to live with them.

It’s easy to always assume that if we had what others have we wouldn’t be so “devastated” with our lives.
That is false.
That’s what’s wrong with today’s generation.
We are so stuck on the idea of
being like…
having like….
because the people, media, and entire society are teaching us to be anything but ourselves. They have set these standards for us to act or want to be a certain way at such an early age that we grow up lost.
Lost and desperate in having what isn’t for us and being what just isn’t us.

However we can still put a stop to this, self love can be adopted by anyone.

Everyday is a start of something beautiful. It might not seem beautiful as our struggles or stressors haunt us on to the next day after sleeping through the night; but it truly is. It’s the start of something beautiful because it’s an opportunity for change. Change can be hard when we have the pressure of life and society pressing against us making us feel like we must stay stuck, but it’s up to us to believe we can break free.
If we motivate our selves and don’t wait for motivation or approval from others we accomplish to break free and discover ourselves and our abilities to be better, live happier and feel healthier.

Everyday is the start of something beautiful if we love ourselves.

Inspiring all of you to not look for the greener grass on the other side but to nourish and care for your grass to see how beautiful and green it already is.


                  Break free, be YOU.


Living the dream.