Some kind of lie…

Now in days everyone is living in some kind of lie.
We are afraid of showing other’s who we are in side.
Some of us don’t even know who we are, as we find ourselves always confused in our disguise.
Take off your mask and I’ll take off mine. And maybe, just maybe I can see what you really define.
You can see what I have to offer and truly see me naked under all this skin.
I want to read your mind,
and see what’s underneath.
I want to feel your flesh and see you from within.
Away from society,
no judgment,
No mask,
just you and I.
Just two vulnerable souls, telling each other our sins and sharing our thoughts.
Take off your mask and I’ll take off mine.
Let’s not be like them and keep living in some kind of lie.


“I don’t know how you do it?”
 “How can you be okay after all you’ve been through?”

I do it because no one else is going to do it for me. Because if I desire happiness, if I desire peace in my heart and love I have to find it with in myself.

I’m okay because I have accepted life for what it is. Because I see the beauty in life and I’m grateful for being a live and for the chance god has gave me to breathe again. I’m okay simply because I still have the ability to dream, desire, want and feel.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and you can’t truly breathe love and happiness with out inhaling hurt and disappointment along with a little bit of chaos.


Beautifully unexpected

It was a night of passion,
a night of lust,
something so unexpected,
but they both just couldn’t withdraw.
Neither had done this before, and they knew there wasn’t much to it, but what mattered was that night because in that moment they both had it all.
He had someone to hold to help him forget about his loneliness.
She had someone to kiss that helped keep her mind off the brokenness.
His taste was magnificent it made her want more.
She looked so dam sexy, he felt himself loosing control.
The fire in their bodies, burned more violently then the pain they both felt underneath.
As they were wrapped in each other skin touching skin, they didn’t stop until they were drained, even though they both knew exactly how it would all end.
They took a dive with out hesitation for the desire they both had, giving themselves no limitations.
It happened so beautifully and so unexpectedly, keeping them both hungry with no desire to see the end of it.
They both saw the damage through the exhilarating of the fall, but on that night they both knew it was worth it and they would have taken the jump a thousand more times for it all.
Because it was a night of passion, a night of lust,
something so beautifully unexpected that they both had wanted for such a long time.





When one puts down the success or fortune of others due to jealousy.

See hater, hatorade
She is “hating” on me because I won the lottery and she didn’t.

We all do it…
“My X-boyfriends girl looks like a transvestite.”
“My new boyfriend’s X has the mouth of a horse.”
“She’s fat.”
“She is to skinny”
“My x-girlfriends new man looks like a whimp”
“He swears like he is hot”
“He is too buff, he takes steroids”
“Too skinny… tweaker for sure!”
“What is he/she wearing”
“He/She is fake, that’s not how they were in High School”
“He/she is just a follower, following the trend”
“I don’t like her/him… just because”

And it goes on and on and on….

Can you say guilty? I’ve probably said or at least thought one of these a couple of times in my life and that’s normal.
We ALL do it!
And for those of you that are pretending you don’t then you probably also say things like…

“EWW, I’m not fake, I don’t talk shit I say it to your face”


Yes bull because if you walked around telling everyone you saw what you thought of them… well let’s just say it wouldn’t be a pretty picture.

We all keep things to ourselves and always look at someone and some how can seem to find one thing that we don’t like. We are human and it is bound to happen and that is okay.
I mean we even do it to ourselves we are never fully happy with how we look, feel, or where we are in life. We seem to always want more…

So even though hating is a horrible thing it is sadly almost natural but what makes it natural and what makes it not okay?

Well thats what I want to write about, the “not okay” which would be saying it to their face or out loud for them to hear, or posting it on social media with their name attached to it.

First of all why are you waisting your time? Stop being a Bully!

The reason for this subject was because I was inspired by a situation I saw on social media a couple of weeks ago. Not only could I not believe what I was reading but I could not believe that people still do this at our age. I mean drama in high school was one thing but now at age 24? Who cares what others are doing, look like, act like?
Mind your own business! 

 I have a friend from High school who has changed A LOT since our younger days. She was never “big” or anything but has definitely become more fit and over all just seems healthy spiritually and physically.
Even though “fitness” does seem to be the trend now in days she was one of the first people I notice changing her life for the better and she has honestly been such an inspiration. I always catch myself looking at her pictures where she is doing all these crazy moves and I’m always wondering “Dam how the hell does she even bend like that? That’s awesome!”


The other day I was scrowling through my Facebook time line when I saw she had posted this absolutely beautiful picture that over all just captured her and everything she has become… 


I mean come on isn’t it awesome?

Well if you look closely at her pictures not only is she in amazing shape but she seems to have hair on her arms. Something that honestly only a hater or someone looking for something wrong would spot in these pictures.
And if you already guessed… then you guessed right! Someone did see it, and actually dared to say something to her about it.

This person dared to comment on her picture and say…
“Is that hair on your arms? You are too manly!”

I honestly could not believe what I was reading…

I mean honestly we are humans,  mammals to be exact hair on our body just is. Yes it’s true that most of us wax and shave or thread but isn’t that our own business or decision to make?

I seriously could not help but laugh at such ignorance, but I will say I was so so proud of how she delt with it.

Any one else would have probably freaked out, maybe take the picture down or start waxing/shaving their arms but instead she said
“Of course I have hairy arms I’m Latina”
Can you say classic come back!
You go girl!
She also replied to the ignorance with this…


“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”
This is me. And I love every part of who I am.
I usually don’t care what people say about me… but I feel like I should say something. Yesterday, I posted a photo and someone asked me if that was “air” (he meant hair) on my arms and that I look too manly cause of my muscles. I was shocked that one of my so called “friends” on fb would actually say something like that to me. My first reaction was actually me laughing at him. I really couldn’t believe that he looked for something negative to say about my photo. Now he didn’t really get to me like I thought he would have, but he did make me think…. Wow… there are SO many BOYS in this world just like him, and say these things (even worse) to women everywhere; You’re too fat, too skinny, you have a flat ass, no boobs. blah blah blah…. and that is why women feel that they are supposed to look a certain way to be considered pretty, beautiful, gorgeous or hot, whatever the hell you wanna call it. YES I have hair on my arms, I don’t have a fat ass, big boobs, or any of that shit. I could care less If I ever have any of that. I am an athlete, I love to lift, practice yoga and cook. Aesthetics are the last thing running through my mind. I love me first and that is why I am happy. I don’t look for happiness everywhere else. I don’t look for approval from the whole world. Neither should any one else. Women need to stand up for themselves and be YOU. Someone says something to try and bring u down… then tell em to kick rocks. They aren’t worthy of your time. Stay true to yourself♡
Sorry for writing a whole freakin story. Just had to get that off my tiny chest:) ♡” -Cynthia Rodriguez

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen if your hating stop it, or do it secretly but don’t do or say things to try and hurt others because you end up looking like the idiot.
If you are a victim of such ignorance remember that you are beautiful no matter what others say. That confidence over shines everything as long as you have it. It’s also not worth it to worry about what other people think because no matter what you do they will always find something wrong.

Love yourself!

Thanks for reading;

(This post was written with permission of Cynthia Rodriguez)

When I look into my niece’s eyes…


You wouldn’t believe the most amazing things that come from the unexpected surprises in our lives…♡

When my sister got pregnant I was mad at her.
I say some pretty mean things when I’m hurt. I mean they do say “Never believe what comes out of a persons mouth when they are mad” or “She/He was mad and didn’t mean it”
and in my case this is very true.
Usually when Im mad I laugh at people or at the situation. Ironic I know but the truth is that making me mad doesn’t happen often in my life; However hurting me can come very easy if you put effort into it well at least if I’ve grown to care about you a lot you can really destroy me emotionally.
For example, hurt me then asked me “Do you still love me?”
and you’ll probably get an “I don’t know” or I’ll make up a good one and tell you “I’ve moved on an put fire to the rain” even if I’m dying inside from all the hurt because I still love you with all my heart.

Sadly I shut down and build a wall and sadly most people haven’t stuck around long enough to break it so I just stay hurt and thats sadly the end of that…

Now piss me off, disappoint me and hurt me and even I am disturbed with what comes out of my mouth… its a very bad habit I am honestly ashamed of but I guess it’s because when I love I go all in and when I get hurt I feel so broken I just don’t know how to deal with it.

Well like I said when I found out my sister was pregnant I was hurt because she had made me a promise that ment a lot to me, I was disappointed because she betrayed that promise and I was mad because in that moment I felt like she was an idiot for allowing this to happen knowing her life wasn’t all put together like it should be. She knew how much we had suffered with our single mom so why the HELL not break the cycle and better her future…

As you can see growing up with a single mom has hurt me a lot because I don’t want my siblings to have to suffer like my mom has. I don’t want them to “work to die” I want them to “work to live” I want them to make a bright future out of themselves and become independent successful people. 
When my sister told me she was pregnant I thought her life was over…
and to some young parents it is but not because they had a baby but because they waisted it and took it for granted.
Thats when I realized that my mom didn’t “work to die” she might have worked hard all her life and didn’t get to work to “live it up” but she worked for us and she gave us a great life and loved us so much and that is living. Yeah we suffered, we stressed but then again who doesn’t.
Then on August 25th at around 1:25pm Audrina Genevieve came into our world. When I met my niece and looked into those big googly eyes I couldn’t believe it. In that moment I knew that the future of my sister wouldn’t depend on the fact that this blessing from above was now with us. It wouldn’t make a diffrence it was still on how my sister wanted to build it for herself. I realized that baby or no baby she was still going to make things happen the way she wanted to.

Yes it will be a bit harder and at times she might stress more then others but I now know Audrina is a unexpected blessing to all of us and I am so grateful for her.

Audrina has brought happiness, hope and faith in to our lives. This is something that was covered by a sad storm last December. She is our little Angel god send us to show us that everything will be alright.

When I look into my niece’s eyes I can now see that she was the best unexpected surprise anyone could have ever asked for♥

Therefor when times seem hard, and life is just dark remember that god is sending something good your way you might just not realize what it is going to come in. It can come in a new love, a good friend, or even in a addition to the family. Just know that it’s coming and it will soon brighten up your life again♥

Happy Auntie;