So many times I hear men say,
“Women/girls are so needy, they can never be happy!”
“Do women really like that romantic shit? Why do I need to buy her some flowers, or her favorite chocolate to show her I care?”
(In my head I respond: Why should she give you a bomb ass blow job, or take care of any of your needs on the daily?) (Just a reminder men, you can get a nice bouquet of flowers for like $20 and you’ll both be happy.)

Some men STILL see nothing wrong with going days with out talking to her, with going out and not bothering with her, with forgetting to call back/or replying to a text that takes 2 FREAKEN SECONDS. They see nothing wrong with not reminding her they care, and get annoyed when she “complains” about what she’s missing.

Now I get it some men lack the romance bone, but if you have a good woman effort is ALWAYS noticed!
If you have a woman who wakes you up to take care of your needs, who pays attention, and who makes effort, just rememeber that expectations are usually that you return the care and love.
A woman doesn’t ask for attention because she’s “needy” or wants you to be like a puppy dog at her feet ready to bark when she calls. (At least not all women)
She longs for that late night call or morning call because it tells her you’re thinking about her.
She squirms at the little details and surprises because it reminds her you care and she’s been on your mind.
She blushes at the kisses on the four head, the kiss on the hand when your driving, and the smack on her ass when she walks by because it tells her you desire her.
She sighs at the gentleman gestures like opening the door, holding her hand, and holding her close because it tells her you want to protect her.

If she’s asking for these things and you are not doing them, it’s not that she is being “needy” or “annoying.”
Don’t you get it? She cares a shit load about you!

It’s that you’re the man that holds her heart, you’re the man she wants, and so she just wants to feel wanted TOO.

It’s honestly very simple, and if you’re not doing it because your intentions are not to be her lover and or protector than step aside already and let another man take over.

This goes both ways ladies!
If you want flowers, take care of your man, make him feel wanted too.


Men have forgotten…


King, servant, slave, rich and or poor, once a male becomes a man it should be in his gentlemen character to always put the woman first.
This does not mean allowing her to be the only leader, or allowing her to boss you around. Ya’ll should always be a team to make things work.
This is about protecting her and being a gentleman to her.
Time shouldn’t change chivalry.
Yes, it’s true times have changed and women have become “more” independent and all, but that should never stop a man from opening her door, and allowing her to go in front of him (this is also good for the safety of the woman.)
This should be a natural instinct for all men, not only to show her your a gentleman but also to show her that you indeed can be the man in her life who is there to protect her.