This is how you keep her

She’s caught your attention and her soul seems to be drawing you in.

She has those eye’s that make you want to learn more and see what’s within.

You must learn about her and explore what she represents.

You must learn the reasons why she smiles or when her silence comes about and what causes it.

You must trace her weakest spots and understand why she writes.

You must learn of her fears and know what it takes to protect and keep her secured.

You must show her why you are there and that if she let’s you in that you will always be by her side.

You must know how long it takes for her to give up and, what are the things that can lead her to that.

You must tell her that you’ll be there to hold her when this time comes and will do what you can to make her hold on.

You must understand what gives her drive and what drives her away.

You must understand that if you are planning to love her you can’t lose her trust; for she will get lost and the person you fell for won’t be the same.

You must learn that she’s kind and has a heart bigger then her, and that if you crush her you’ll be destroying the soul you once knew.

The soul that you saw glow right through her eyes, the one that she trusted to show you as she gave you that smile that made you feel something on site.

You must simply understand that she’s been through a lot and that if you want to be let in you should always be honest and respect her at all times.

You must learn that if you get her you can trust in her love, but if you dare to hurt her then she’ll pack up her bags and be gone.

And, this is how you keep her.

Women are not all the same, they come in different shapes and possess different minds. We have the women with self respect, high standards and who know their values. They accept nothing less than what they are worth. We also have the women who are lost and insecure, which leads them to take any title just for some attention.


I want myself back.

I don’t want you back.

I want myself back.

I want the care free gal that was inspired by love.

I want the woman with dreams, that believed in true love.

I don’t want you back.

I want myself back.

I want the gal who laughed loudly.

The gal who sung freely, and lived wisely.

I don’t want you back.

I want myself back.

I miss the old me.

The same one who managed to see good in you,

and trusted so openly.

I don’t want you back.

I want myself back.