She finally realized that it was time to grow. 

It was time to stop apologizing for the wrongs of others. 

It was time to stop apologizing for expressing her feelings. 

It was time to stop trying too hard to keep something or someone that didn’t want to be kept. 

It was time to stop trying so hard to keep everyone else around her happy and satisfied.

It was time to look out for herself. 

To understand that others are not hear to please her and take care of her needs. 

To understand that nothing is forever, and just like the good times…

the bad times will also pass. 

If she wants to be happy, it is her responsibility.


Hospital sleep overs


I find it really funny that I cant seem to wake up for the gym at 5am but Ive been up since 4:30 this morning…
Someone get me a big bed please!
I’m actually really really tired I can feel it but my brain is telling me “no more sleep for you missy!”
Man oh man are Hospitals so uncomfortable to sleep in. My moms still asleep and although she has her bed to herself she looks uncomfortable too.
She claims to be feeling a little better her face expression seems to say other wise.
Today is her offical birthday and I much rather have took her out for a manicure and pedicure and some lunch….
Maybe I can just give her a pedi myself when she gets out of here if we ever do…
I understand this place is busy but I find it so annoying when they been promising us a doctor since yesterday at 6pm and her doctor is “unavailable” so that doesn’t help…
All I want today is…
1. For her to feel better
2. For the doctor to hurry up
3. To be able to know whats going on and what is our next step
4. To take her home with a positive vibe and good hope
5. To be able to celebrate her for a bit even if its just a small cake and some flowers and balloons
6. To see her smile at least once today

Sitting here waiting for the man in the white coat…