They were both very happy to have found each other. 

Not because it was hard to find someone but, because they both knew that they had found someone who wanted the same out come. 

They both wanted love… 

True, genuine, pure, honest, and real love. 

The kind of love that could not be ruined by the chaos of society. 


Show me

Stand with me, listen to me,
show me how to trust again.

Hold me, enfold me,
show me that you’re here to stay.

Lay with me, discover me,
show me that you’re different.

Impress me, astonish me,
show me that you’re worthy.

Take me, taste me,
show me how you treat the one you’re trying to keep.


True capacity of living

When you have come to realize that your happiness is internal, you have reached the true capacity of living.

You have found that that the external forces of this world are irrelevant, and completely out of your control.

You have found that they do not bring or create your internal happiness.

You have found that only you can decide what you make of this life, and how far you are willing to go to succeed and accomplish all of your dreams.

You have found that you are enough and do not acquire anything to feel complete.

When you have come to realize that your happiness is internal, you have come to realize that you are free from expectations or desires to be able to live.

When you come to realize that your happiness is internal, you have reached the true capacity of living…

and you are now complete.



I could sleep with you, I could.

I could sleep with you, I could.

I could kiss you, and get a taste of your delicious tongue as it unravels in my mouth and plays along with mine.

I could tear your shirt off of your body with out anticipation where beneath just lays another human body.

I could rip off your pants with the guts the alcohol has helped me build and pleasure you like you’ve never been pleasured before.

I could sleep with you, I could.

I could have your head wrapped around my legs and have you pleasure me,  and if you’re any good allowing you to see my body lose it’s self with your touch.

I could let you inside of me, as our naked bodies move to different beats until we climax.

I could sleep with you, I could.

But, I’m not looking for someone to just sleep with.

I want someone worth knowing, someone I could lay it all on the line for and take a chance with.

I could sleep with you, I could.

But, then again…

I could sleep with anyone.


What is Chemistry?

Ever kissed someone and felt like the world stopped right in your tracks?

A feeling so deep that feels as if there has been some kind of chemistry you’ve never felt before?


Ever kiss someone that could be perfect for you. You seem to have so much in common with the person, and they are the ideal person you want to build a future with but, all you feel is sexual excitement? As if anyone else could give you that feeling because you are just horny? Not exactly a connection?

I’m sure most of you have answered yes to both of them.

My friend and I were talking about Chemistry between two people and the difference of it with soul recognition. We wondered how exactly that worked and if maybe we are too picky as we are both people that wish to find the person that makes us feel a unique chemistry as well as comes along and excites our soul.

So it got me thinking, and asking myself…

“Kelsey, have you met any one of your soul mates?”

I’m honestly not sure if I have.

and if I have, the only person closed to being one of my soul mates was my H.S sweet heart.

But if my ex-boyfriend wasn’t my soulmate, what was he?

and… what was the guy I dated after him that gave me similar feelings as I had once felt with my first boyfriend, but even better.

and… Why would I feel that way if him and I weren’t anything serious?

and… why is it that any of the guys I’ve dated and talked to since, can’t seem to make me feel the same?

Could I be shutting down and not allowing the feelings?


is there really no chemistry at all?

My mom use to tell me that we have three soul mates in this life…

My friend agrees.

I also heard from a man once… “Every man gets three great women in his life. One of them is usually his mother, so if he’s already had one good one, he better not screw it up with the next one because she could be the last one.”

So, what exactly is chemistry?

well, weather you believe in soul mates or not…

I’ve come to discover, that I believe that when souls recognize each other, thats what makes the chemistry.

I believe that maybe you do have a couple of soul mates and that not all of them are technically put in your life for sexual/romantic relationships.

You see, chemistry is important.

It’s indescribable.

You can feel it when you meet someone and like them, no matter the gender and “how” it is that you like them, and you can feel it when you don’t like someone or can’t seem to stand the person at all.


I believe that chemistry IS soul recognition.

Our souls were meant to recognize certain people with an importance that tells your body and mind “this person is one of us, this person would be good for our life.”

Chemistry is what makes these magical moments. It’s beautiful, wonderful, and uncontrollable.

You can’t fabricate it…

It’s what makes that kiss feel like the world has stopped in your tracks.

A feeling so deep and full of chemistry because you were meant to connect with that person in this life time…

So how could you be meant to only feel that three whole times in your life?

In my belief … Impossible.




This time next year.


“God is within her, she will not f a l l.”


Last night I had a selfie session.
As I thought about how screwed up my life was this time last year…
I smiled, because I am so proud of myself and how much I have over came as a person.
How much I have grown, and how positive I kept my mind and spirit.
Then I thought about how much I still need to over come…
Something in my gut just tells me that all the worries I hold in my heart now, won’t be anything by this time next year.
Stay positive people!

Stop aging, and start growing.


Ever wonder why some people are less mature than other people of the same age?
Now, there is nothing wrong with a woman/man that can be a kid at heart at the right time.

I personally will forever enjoy sitting on a swing at the park, or filling up some water balloons in the summer and having an epic water balloon fight.

Anyway, I’m talking about those people that even though they have aged by the years, they continue to react with ignorance to different life situations.
I mean, I’ll admit I am guilty of stooping down to the level of some of these people sometimes…
(I’m sure we all do it)

However, in my defense I usually don’t start anything.
For the most part, I try my very best to stir away from immature people.


talking about those who have aged but, still have not grown to take responsibility for their own actions or mistakes.

I don’t know about you guys, but every time I encounter people like this I ask myself… “Why?”

I learned the other day, that these people may have a birthday every year but some of them do not necessarily allow them selves to grow from the year they got to live.
They don’t allow themselves to learn from their mistakes, nor to take the life lessons they have received and grow from them.
Instead, some of these people continue to allow themselves to play victims, to act like it’s everyone else’s fault why things happen to them, and to make themselves believe that if they ignore the issues they have encountered or the issues they have with themselves… it will all just “poof” and dissappear.

If you are one of these people, sorry pal, it doesn’t work that way!

Not only do they do this but some of them also allow their experiences to become so profound and they still won’t address them.
Instead they store them in and lock them up.
Only later realizing how much this way of living has hurt them and stopped them from growing as a person.

So I say…
“Stop aging, and start growing!”

As you evolve over the years as a person, you must confront your issues with personal growth. If not, you are aging but you are not growing. This is the only way to actually be able to live and have the opportunity to really look back and say…

“Wow, look at how far I’ve came, look at how much I’ve changed, look at how much I’ve GROWN.”

My mom always said…
“If one person says it, they are just being nasty. But if multiple people say it, over, and over, even the ones you know truly love you… then you might have some self observing to do.”

So with that said, pay close attention to yourself and who you reflect as a person. 
Don’t go changing yourself just because one person told you there is something wrong.
Take in the criticism and see what it means, if changing would better you as a person, and if it’s coming from a person that matters and who’s intentions are good.
It’s learning to see yourself through the eyes of others who matter, to better understand yourself and truly grow.


I use to think that women who believed they felt butterflies on the first date were idiots, or just silly girls who didn’t date enough…
But you were different, I remember coming home thinking…
“This guy is special! Brought to me from some where? By some one?”
To make me believe again…
To make me feel again…

I use to think that women who believed they felt butterflies on the first date were idiots…
I guess I was one of those idiots.