My book is now available to order… and I might barf…

At exactly 10:49pm I opened up the email that stated the proof of my book had been approved by create space. 😱

Ladies and Gentlemen… my first book is now up for sale! 🤷🏻‍♀️

 I don’t know what to think, I honestly feel like I need to barf (tmi) BUT really… 🤢

I wrote it and self published it, and it’s something so intimate and personal that I don’t know what it will represent… 😳 

But, I’m proud and I’m ready! 💁🏻💖

Get your copy at:

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My heart 

My heart is a romantic and faithful, encouraged by my soul who is optimistic through it’s cravings of connection. 

My mind is a realist, and very stubborn always refusing to give in. 

This could all be a mixture of my fears from the scars that have been left. 

Either way, I can’t seem to get the two to negotiate. 



Since the moment I met you, there was something in your eyes.

There was something about being in your arms, there was something in our chemistry.

Let this be the way it begins.

Meet me half way, all I ask is that you meet me half way.

I know you’re scared, I’m scared too.

More than you can imagine but, I’m also hopeful.

If you’re not scared, then you’re not paying attention.

You can be scared but being hopeful is what will get you through.

Let this be the way it begins.

Meet me half way, all I ask is that you meet me halfway…

and that you try to be hopeful with me.


Dear me,

There will be times when even though you have build up this strength…

You will feel weak.

Times, when you won’t understand the universe and it’s plan.

Times, when you will question your value and worth.

Those times will pass.

They must pass.

You must choose to believe in yourself again.

You must choose to remember you’re worthy.

Worthy of love, worthy of affection, worthy of attention, worthy of acceptance, worthy  of being chosen, and worthy of second chances.

There will be times like these, plenty of them…

Those times will pass.