Here I am…

Here I am on his bed once again.
His dirty little secret is what I am.
He doesn’t love me, he never will, for I am not relationship material.
He loves another and this I know, yet I have no one to call my own.
So here I am on his bed once again, as he talks dirty to me and rips off my dress.
He takes my panties off with his teeth, and for a moment I feel pleased.
Until I think of her and I, and how I can’t compare to her and what she’s got.
Here I am on his bed once again, the other woman, the one who feeds him his piece of cake.
The one she cries about, and hates so much, the one that doesn’t let him arrive on time.
I sometimes wish I could explain myself, tell her he’s the one I love, but I don’t dare.
For what I feel doesn’t matter here, I am just his little whore and she’s the one he can’t let go.
Here I am on his bed once again, degrading myself because I have no one to call my own.


I wrote this, only because I can only imagine how mistresses feel and why they must continue on with that role.
Is it love?
I’d wish I could understand what makes women betray other women in this way?

Beautifully unexpected

It was a night of passion,
a night of lust,
something so unexpected,
but they both just couldn’t withdraw.
Neither had done this before, and they knew there wasn’t much to it, but what mattered was that night because in that moment they both had it all.
He had someone to hold to help him forget about his loneliness.
She had someone to kiss that helped keep her mind off the brokenness.
His taste was magnificent it made her want more.
She looked so dam sexy, he felt himself loosing control.
The fire in their bodies, burned more violently then the pain they both felt underneath.
As they were wrapped in each other skin touching skin, they didn’t stop until they were drained, even though they both knew exactly how it would all end.
They took a dive with out hesitation for the desire they both had, giving themselves no limitations.
It happened so beautifully and so unexpectedly, keeping them both hungry with no desire to see the end of it.
They both saw the damage through the exhilarating of the fall, but on that night they both knew it was worth it and they would have taken the jump a thousand more times for it all.
Because it was a night of passion, a night of lust,
something so beautifully unexpected that they both had wanted for such a long time.