December 10th, 2016 

Today’s advice: It’s okay to allow yourself to be angry, hurt, frustrated.

But never, I repeat never, hold a grudge or a chip for too long.


Well simply because bitterness keeps you from advancing, and keeping yourself in good spirit.

You don’t want to live that way.

Allow yourself to forgive, move forward, and find true happiness.


The challenge of life…

Weather you believe in god or not…

Sometimes life starts throwing these punches at you, and you can’t help but look up and go… “Why!? Why me!? Can you give me a break!?”

Everyone starts saying things like…

“You are going to be okay.”

“Everything will work it’s self out.”

“God only gives you what you can handle.”

and my favorite one…

“You must continue to be positive and have faith.”

The challenge of life isn’t necessarily over coming the obstacles, it’s more of believing you can.

In a moment of receiving bad news, it’s a bit hard to “be positive and have faith.”

In a moment of losing something or someone, you can’t even imagine “everything is going to be okay.”

In a moment of being knocked on your ass with a problem that seems to not have a solution, you don’t assume that “everything will work itself out.”


In a moment when it seems like life is just picking on you…

and it’s one bad news…

followed by another bad news…

and you can’t seem to understand…

or, find the answers you are looking for…

it feels as if God or life is out to get you and you can’t seem to understand “WHY!?”


You definetly are not thinking…

“God only gives you what you can handle.”

You see, the challenge in life isn’t over coming the obstacle.

It’s believing that the odds will be in your favor, and that you can actually do it.

Specifically when it seems as if life has been out to get you, your entire LIFE.

My word of advise for all of you and myself…

If we are blessed to continue to see another day, we will be alright.


The good are watching too…

Some men and women seem to feel so proud while trashy women/men want them, when they are in a relationship.
I mean yeah, that’s awesome!
Go ahead play the game, lose the one you love for those five minutes of pleasure. Lose the good girl/guy, the one who has stood by your side, for the easy, wild, and free party girl or “rich” party guy.
Just remember, as those same women/men desired you for the way they see you treat your main. Your guy/girl friends/other men and women were also watching how your main treated you.
Only thing with real worthy men/women is that they patiently wait till you lose, then they move in with the goal to conquer your home and replace your place in their hearts for good.