Man. Crush. Monday

Man. Crush. Monday

This one’s for the men who still believe in chivalry.
The one’s opening doors, giving forehead kisses, dedicating songs, committing and appreciating one woman instead of trying to juggle 3 or 5 at a time.
This one’s for the men who make the effort, who go out their way to spend time with a woman,who rather call or face time instead of just text with… “WYD.”
The one’s who cherish the women in their lives and respect them like they would respect their own mother or sisters.
This one’s for the men that are honest and faithful, instead of acting like children and playing stupid games.
The one’s who rather see a woman strong and smiling, instead of weak and in tears.
This one’s for REAL men who have never abused (verbally or physically) a woman, raped, belittled, or hurt her emotionally just because it’s what they needed to do to feel powerful.
The one’s who realize when they have made the mistake to hurt a woman, and have faced the situation instead of hiding like a coward.
This one’s for the men who remember how their mother raised them, and won’t let today’s society turn them into heartless ignorant idiots.
The one’s who are smart, ambitious, driven, and dreamers, because their is nothing sexier than a man who desires to always keep learning and growing.
This one’s for the real ones.
The real men of today’s world that are over shadowed by the “player, anti commitment, insta – famous, only date girls with big butt and waist trained bodies, fuck boys.”
This one’s for the good men, the few left that should be so proud that they haven’t fallen under the claws of today’s society and it’s ways of trying to belittle women.
The one’s who admire their woman by their side, and don’t push them to the back because they feel threatened.
This one is for you guys.
We appreciate you.

Confused Child

I wonder when he’ll stop hitting her.
I can’t bare the yelling any more, it keeps me up every night.
Why must Daddy always come home late and smelling so funny?
I wish he’d stop hitting her.
Why does he tell her she’s useless?
I can’t seem to understand?
Mommy isn’t useless, she’s so nice to Daddy and I.
She takes good care of me, sings to me, bathes me, reads to me, and even plays with me.
Sometimes when we are playing I can tell she’s tired, but she keeps playing.
Mommy isn’t useless at all; She cleans, cooks and irons Daddy’s work clothes very nicely.
I wish Daddy would see how special Mommy is…
Maybe I’ll tell him?
Maybe I won’t, last time I asked “Why do you hit Mommy?” He hit me too.
I don’t like to get hit, I’m a good child.
I love my Daddy, but I wonder when he’ll stop hitting her?

“Forever be what I need myself to be”

I’ll forever be what I need myself to be, and nobodies stopping me.
For no words, thoughts, or actions from those who spread poison can affect me.
You see, I’m not your ordinary woman.
My heart grew more intact as the result of my battles.
I some how survived and became immune to all the struggles.
And yes the tears will still appear at times, but don’t let that be a sign of weakness, it only shows I still got feelings.
Being able to feel in a life as hard as this one is a blessing as well as a choice.
For I have chose to take my struggles and let them build me, instead of break me.