Men have forgotten…


King, servant, slave, rich and or poor, once a male becomes a man it should be in his gentlemen character to always put the woman first.
This does not mean allowing her to be the only leader, or allowing her to boss you around. Ya’ll should always be a team to make things work.
This is about protecting her and being a gentleman to her.
Time shouldn’t change chivalry.
Yes, it’s true times have changed and women have become “more” independent and all, but that should never stop a man from opening her door, and allowing her to go in front of him (this is also good for the safety of the woman.)
This should be a natural instinct for all men, not only to show her your a gentleman but also to show her that you indeed can be the man in her life who is there to protect her.


I lust for your touch, that wonderful feeling of your hands squeezing my bottom and that magical thrust.
Everybody has an addiction, my happens to be you.
I don’t want it to be over, and as soon as your done I’m feening for more.
I want you available only for me, If I lose your love I don’t think rehab could even cure me.
You got your guards up, I do too.
But give me a chance and let me grow with you.
There’s things we might discover, things we will both like, things that will make us both realize there was nothing to be afraid of.
Cause you got a past and I do too, so we know what we want and what we don’t want to occur.
We’re perfect for each other, I hope you’ve noticed too.
Because your my addiction, and I don’t want to lose you.

Confused Child

I wonder when he’ll stop hitting her.
I can’t bare the yelling any more, it keeps me up every night.
Why must Daddy always come home late and smelling so funny?
I wish he’d stop hitting her.
Why does he tell her she’s useless?
I can’t seem to understand?
Mommy isn’t useless, she’s so nice to Daddy and I.
She takes good care of me, sings to me, bathes me, reads to me, and even plays with me.
Sometimes when we are playing I can tell she’s tired, but she keeps playing.
Mommy isn’t useless at all; She cleans, cooks and irons Daddy’s work clothes very nicely.
I wish Daddy would see how special Mommy is…
Maybe I’ll tell him?
Maybe I won’t, last time I asked “Why do you hit Mommy?” He hit me too.
I don’t like to get hit, I’m a good child.
I love my Daddy, but I wonder when he’ll stop hitting her?

“I’m surprised you don’t have a boyfriend yet?”

Why do dudes say shit like this?

It’s like saying you “NEED” a boyfriend, or there is something wrong with you because you don’t have a boyfriend.

I don’t NEED a boyfriend, as a matter of fact I don’t even WANT a boyfriend.

What can a boyfriend do for me that I can’t do for myself?

What I’d like someday is a partnership
I’d like a teammate…
Someone who has my back, who supports me, appreciates me, respects me, acknowledges me, and is going to be my partner in crime.
Someone who won’t run when life gets hard, who won’t give up on me, who will respect me even if I’m not present, and who will stick besides me hand in hand.
Someone who won’t try to run me, or make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin.
Someone who has his own persona and understands I have mine.
Someone who I can trust and believe in.
Someone who is my escape, where I feel better even when the rest of my world seems like it’s crashing down.

I want a real teammate, a best friend, a real guy who is truly down for me.

I don’t NEED or WANT a boyfriend…
I’m too old for that childish shit.
I’m not looking for someone to run, control, or have on some leash.
I want true monogomy and respect.
I want a partnership.